Over 50 Years of Serving Eastern Idaho

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If you're a licensed and insured contractor or designer, ask about our exclusive programs designed for our designers and contractors. Receive special deals, discounts, and services.

At Design Gallery, we have the products and experience to service all your new construction and remodel work. We realize that your construction business can be demanding and time consuming. We can provide the expertise and advice to your customers on the products we supply, leaving you free to act as a general contractor. You shouldn’t be mired in the details handled by the subcontractor. We have the products that fit the budgets you establish, and the experienced and dependable installers you need to meet your scheduling requirements.

At Design Gallery, we welcome designers and their clients. Many years of working closely with designers has allowed us to be sensitive to the relationship you have with your client. Whether you are a local designer, or live in a distant location and are working on a project in our area, we have the experience to service your needs and assist you in maintaining the trust and confidence your client has in you as a designer. We realize the work you do is not a hobby, and share your professionalism. Individual designer programs vary, and can be built around your needs. Contact one of our sales associates for more information on this important part of our business.

Call today to speak with us about our Contractor and Designer programs and to learn more about each of these programs individually.

Our Contractor Program:


Our Designer Program:

Our approach to protecting your special pricing is an important part of this program. Your builder discounts are real, and we offer them only to legitimate contractors. With Design Gallery, you will have no concerns that we extend your discounts to the unlicensed or illegitimate individuals who devalue the industry you work so hard to protect. We actively support the associations that represent your interests in state and local legislation. We realize that our relationship with you is more that of a partner than a customer.


You are a professional. We know the value of this, because we are professionals, too. Call for an appointment with one of our experienced sales associates to see how Design Gallery can help you maximize the profits and minimize the headaches on your building and remodel projects.

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